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Susan Aitken in conversation with Chris Deerin

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Glasgow is determined to use November’s environmental summit, which will be attended by presidents and prime ministers from around the world, to drive urban renewal and modernisation on its path to Net Zero.
Council leader Susan Aitken has led months of preparatory work to mobilise finance and attract investment. She wants to position Glasgow as a global leader in the race to create prosperous, green, safe and fair cities. The cost of Glasgow’s transformation has been estimated at around £30 billion.
Aitken says: “We’re talking about a requirement to rebuild our cities so that the very systems on which they depend, from energy to food, housing to transport, are decarbonised.
“The closure of industries left scars and pockmarks of derelict and often toxic land across Glasgow, an ongoing blight and barrier to prosperity and well-being. Scotland’s busiest stretch of motorway was carved right through the heart of our city, while the failure to plan either economically or socially triggered waves of generational worklessness and poor health.
Glasgow – like our urban peers across the world – stands on the precipice of profound change.”
In conversation with Reform Scotland Director Chris Deerin, Susan Aitken discussed the opportunities provided by COP26 and its aftermath, and how to connect Glasgow and other urban centres with the necessary private finance. She also explored the challenges of transitioning cities to Net Zero at an unprecedented scale and pace.

The event was held over Zoom on 10 September 2021.