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Policy insights for Scotland from small advanced economies

Globally renowned expert David Skilling says Scotland must stay competitive with other small countries

David Skilling, an economic adviser to governments, firms and financial institutions around the world, argues that Scotland must learn from the experience of other small economies when setting its economic policies.

The report, “Policy insights for Scotland from small advanced economies”, has been written by David Skilling under our Melting Pot brand and is part-funded by the Scottish Policy Foundation. 

David Skilling has researched a range of small economies, benchmarks Scotland against them and explores the issues such economies face today and will face in the future. Finally, he offers a view of the implications for Scotland of a range of policy decisions.

The report emphasises that Scotland should:

  • recognise the importance of fiscal discipline, with an emphasis on controlling the quantity and quality of government expenditure, and on ensuring that taxes are competitive with other small economies

  • create economic upside by better using the devolved economic powers it already has

  • allow the debate over economic policy to be informed by the experiences in other small economies

  • recognise the importance of a coherent growth strategy with an emphasis on research, innovation and human capital

These issues were discussed at a political debate with David Skilling, the SNP’s Kate Forbes MSP, the Conservatives’ Murdo Fraser MSP and Labour’s Jackie Baillie MSP on the morning of Thursday 7th June.


Policy insights for Scotland from small advanced economies