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Melting pot 2016

Reform Scotland set up the Melting Pot blog on our website to provide a forum where people could put forward policy ideas.  This is in keeping with our role as a public policy institute that seeks to inform, influence and widen the public policy debate in Scotland.

The contributions to the Melting Pot over the past year collected in this publication, whilst representing the views of individuals and not Reform Scotland, have complemented the work that Reform Scotland has done across a range of economic, public service and constitutional issues.

A blog such as this is entirely dependent on the quality of the contributions themselves.  In this respect, we have been very fortunate that people from such a wide range of different backgrounds have been willing to contribute such interesting and insightful pieces.  I would like to thank them all for taking the time and trouble to write these blog posts and I look forward to reading further contributions in the New Year.

Geoff Mawdsley,
Director, Reform Scotland