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Ending birthday discrimination in nursery provision


  • A child’s current legal entitlement to government-funded nursery provision can vary by up to 317 hours or £1,033 towards the cost of a partnership provider.
  • Under expansion provisions included in the Children & Young People Bill, this gap will widen to 400 hours or £1,305.
  • Proposals to widen access to vulnerable groups of two-year olds will not lead to an additional year’s provision for all – some will gain only 200 hours more, as opposed to 600, which is the Scottish government’s aim.
  • Only way to ensure that all children have a basic entitlement to two years of government-funded nursery provision, with vulnerable two-year olds getting three years, is for nursery provision to start at a fixed point in the year, probably in August, two or three years before starting school.

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Ending birthday discrimination