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2011 Scottish election manifesto critique

On 18th March Reform Scotland published its collection of policy ideas designed to create a better environment for long-term economic growth and effective public services in Scotland. The booklet summarised research and recommendations made in its 17 reports published over the past three years. The central theme running through all our policy initiatives was of devolving responsibility. Not just through increased financial powers to both the Scottish Parliament and local authorities, but to individuals and communities. Based on this work, Reform Scotland has graded the main parties’ manifesto commitments ahead of the Scottish elections on May 5th and devised the following report card. This is not an assessment of all the policies of the main political parties, rather a reflection on how the parties match up to Reform Scotland’s prescriptions to improve the long term prospects of Scotland.

The report card and analysis is available to download.


2011 Manifesto Critique

2011 Manifesto Critique – Table summary