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Scotland’s independent think tank

NHS 2048

Reform Scotland believes that Scotland urgently needs to have a mature, constructive debate to identify and build consensus around specific measures that will help our health and care services in both the short and long term.

And we have to be honest with the electorate. Change cannot happen overnight, especially when crises are exacerbated by staff shortages and growing waiting times. Reform, if implemented properly, will need to be multi-disciplinary, require joint working and cross-party buy-in and likely take more than one electoral cycle. But work needs to start now.

If we are to maintain a tax payer funded, free-at-the-point-of-need system, how do we manage the resources we have? How do we train, recruit and retain the staff that our NHS requires?

To help facilitate this debate Reform Scotland is inviting a wide range of practitioners, service users, politicians and others to outline the changes they think can improve and preserve our health and care services.

If you would like to contribute to this ongoing discussion, please email [email protected]