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A discussion with Daniel Finkelstein – 16 June 2023

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Reform Scotland was delighted to host a discussion with Daniel Finkelstein about his extraordinary new book, “Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad: A Family Memoir of Miraculous Survival”.

This powerful, moving work follows the author’s family through devastating experiences of persecution, concentration camps, resistance and survival during the Second World War. “My parents did not forget, and ‘forgive’ isn’t the right word either,” Finkelstein writes. “What they did, instead, was to transcend what happened to them… my parents were determined that we wouldn’t just exist, we would live.”

The book has been described as “epic, moving and important” by Robert Harris, and as “a modern classic” by The Observer. The Guardian says that “perhaps the more people that read this brilliant book, the less likely it will be that our liberal society ever disintegrates”.

Finkelstein is an award-winning commentator with The Times, a member of the House of Lords, and an influential voice in British Conservatism. He was in conversation with Chris Deerin, Director of Reform Scotland.

This event was held via Zoom on Friday 16 June.