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Gideon Rachman in conversation with Chris Deerin

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Reform Scotland was delighted to host a discussion with Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times, about his latest book, The Age of the Strongman.

Rachman’s well-received book looks at how authoritarian leaders have become a central feature of global politics. From Trump to Putin, Bolsonaro to Erdogan, Xi to Modi, they are nationalists and social conservatives with little tolerance for minorities, dissent, or the interests of foreigners.

How and why did this new style of strongman leadership arrive? How likely is it to lead the world into war or economic collapse? And what liberal forces are in place not only to  keep these strongmen in check but to reverse the trend?

Gideon Rachman discussed these issues with Chris Deerin, Director of Reform Scotland.

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 22 June.