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How and to what extent will automation impact financial sector employment in Scotland? – University of Edinburgh Economics Society


Reform Scotland has been delighted to act as a mentor to a team of students from the University of Edinburgh Economics Society who carried out a research project into the potential impact of automation on the financial sector in Scotland.

The authors of the report, which can be read below, are: Harry Bean, Laith Al-Khalaf, Dimitris Kiourtis, Habeeb Baig & Rinto Fujimoto

University of Edinburgh Economics Society
The University of Edinburgh Economics Society is a student-run organisation which aims to enhance the student experience for students interested in Economics. We collaborate with the School of Economics, our corporate sponsors and research partners to provide stimulating academic opportunities and insights which are out of the ordinary curriculum and add to that which is already being taught. This includes hosting guest speakers, debates and discussions, as well as offering academic and career support and providing research opportunities for our members. Last year saw our research division expand to include policy-based projects in partnership with Reform Scotland and the Forestry Commission, alongside our client-projects with top companies such as BCG, RBS, Ekimetrics and Walter Scott. We hope to foster and expand these initiatives in the coming years.


Edinburgh University Econ Soc report 2019